Features and Benefits

Check out some of the features & benefits of introducing Kafoodle Kitchen into your business.

Easily communicate your information

Whether you are a single or multi-site operation, communication- regardless of whether it’s between staff members of customers- is vital. Kafoodle makes it easy to distribute and share information, so that every user- from the Chef to the Events Manager- can easily access what they need to do their jobs. With Kafoodle, you can reduce printing costs and emails by having everything digitally available, which means there will no longer be lever arch files and excel spreadsheets to accommodate.

Analyse and manage all recipes

Kafoodle allows you to automatically analyse all your recipes, including factors such as nutritional information, allergens and costings. Our cloud-based system makes it easy for users to type up recipes and make amendments such as swapping ingredients, reducing quantities, cloning recipes and much more. All ingredient and recipe information will automatically generate, saving you time and money when creating menus.

Full ingredient and supplier management

Uploading and managing your ingredient data has never been easier than with Kafoodle’s self-service import feature. Our UMP links to various suppliers, combined with our extensive ingredient database, make getting started even easier. Once your data is loaded, the dashboard will help you manage your supplier lists, monitor pricing and generate ingredient lists and SKUs.

Cost calculator and EPOS integration

Our Cost calculator enables you to easily manage and improve recipe GPs and also scope out financial viability of new recipe and menu ideas. We work with various EPOS suppliers to make sure you don’t have to do the work twice. By integrating with EPOS as soon as any ingredient prices change, Kafoodle can automatically update all your recipe and menu pricing.

Create and print your labels direct from recipes

Our intuitive software allows you to print legally compliant labels straight from your Kafoodle recipe cards. As of December 2016 many food businesses will need to comply with the new labelling legislation, Kafoodle have made this easy by simply introducing a labelling facility that ensures compliance is met at all times.

List Your Business

Are you leading the way in food allergens and nutrition? Do you have all the processes in place? If so then why not list your business on our app to make sure you reap the rewards from being a compliant industry leader.

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Business Administration

  • Manage locations, user permissions, ingredients list’s and all other business setup in the business admin section. Allow a user to manage single, multiple or all locations. The same applies to ingredients lists, supplier information and business level recipes. This enables the business ‘stakeholders’ to have a ‘birds eye view’ of everything that goes on at the same time as restricting business sensitive information when that is required.
  • Business administrators can control who is allowed to do what in the system from uploading ingredients to creating recipes, managing nutrition and allergen content to simply being allowed to access and print off datasheets.

Manage ingredients and recipes all in one place

  • Browse your inventory with ease - find ingredients by supplier, filter out recipes with certain allergens and organise items into customised lists. All of your ingredients will be stored in your own secure and unique database, allowing you to view all prices, suppliers, allergen and nutritional values in one dashboard. This helps you easily manage your SKUs and keep an eye on the ingredients you’re ordering.
  • It is easy to make an ingredients substitution in Kafoodle Kitchen in the event of a temporary or permanent change. Once saved this substitution will either push through to individual recipes or the entire recipe bank depending on your requirements. A notification in the substitutions tab will be visible in the event that this is a temporary change just to remind you that’s it’s there. A simple click of a button will remove the substitution and make the recipes back to their original state.

Centralised recipe bank

  • Shared resources allow teams to collaborate and achieve consistency across multiple locations. Once your recipe is added to Kafoodle Kitchen, a recipe specification card is automatically generated where you can add and edit fields to make it the perfect instruction manual for temporary or new chefs. You can hide or show information (such as costs & GP) based on user access rights which makes this an easy and digital way to send recipes and train staff.
  • It is easy to create business level ingredients and core recipes and share them across the business and multiple locations. The cloning tool allows a core recipe to be adopted by authrorised users and then adapted in line with an individual chef’s own special recipe and then saved as a new one.

Menu planning and reports

  • Plan, schedule and easily create menu’s which can be private to one site or shared across multiple locations.
  • Knowing what people want can help you to buy smarter and reduce food waste. Having the ability to see what diners want and are searching for is a powerful tool when considering menu planning and food purchasing. This intel is key to providing customers with what they actually want and when used practically can be instrumental when working toward less food wastage.

Compliance: datasheets and labels

  • Create allergen compliant and nutritional datasheets with one click based on filtered criteria.
  • Print food information labels directly from the system in line with the new legislation. Saving any duplication of effort and de-risking the element of inaccurate information being passed on.

Optimise financial performance

  • Easily manage and improve recipe GPs and also scope out financial visibility of new recipe and menu ideas. Our recipe creation screen pulls through pricing data from your propriety ingredient list, automatically calculating the cost of every recipe you create. As well as this, it will suggest prices based on your pre-set GP, making it easy to see if you are in line or need to edit a recipe.

Connect with diners

  • Socialise the allergen and nutritional food information behind your menu with the Kafoodle App. Menu information is displayed in a private area accessed simply by the use of a QR code allowing diners to filter their preferences to provide them personalised menus in line with their own food preferences.
  • Use your menu data to share your information with diners via your website or delivery app.



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Our Awards

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Gold Winner | 2014</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Gold Winner | 2014

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Finalist | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Finalist | 2016