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Looking for a gluten free dish with absolutely no nuts for under 500 calories and in a 2 mile radius? Look no further, just Kafoodle it!

3 reasons diners love Kafoodle

There’s a million reasons to download our app, but here's three to whet your appetite.

Menus at your fingertips

Get connected to kitchens and salivate over restaurant menus on your phone, wherever you are.

Full allergen and dietary info

The world's your oyster (even if you're allergic to them). With Kafoodle, you'll know exactly what's in your food so you can eat with confidence.

Search by restaurant or location

Follow your favourite cafe or discover a hidden gem. Whatever you feel like, just Kafoodle it.

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Customer Stories

I have been waiting for something like this for over 7 years as we live with kids with multiple food allergies. We used the app yesterday and were able to have a stress-free meal in a restaurant we have previously overlooked. Great idea with massive potential. I really hope that restaurants sign-up and use this service. Thanks for starting this up and I wish you great success for all our sakes!

Emma Bond Kafoodle App User

This is going to help me so much when out and about and need to know where to eat. No more wandering around checking labels and being disappointed!

Sam Morgan Kafoodle App User

I have allergies, so this is a must have for me.... Brilliant App highly recommend!

Setharof Christopher Edgar Kafoodle App User

Awesome App!! So easy to use and very helpful . Will use this a lot. Much thanks to the inventer.

Simon Taperell Kafoodle App User

Food Fridays takes us to Yotam Ottelenghis’ Nopi in Soho

By Ami Patterson
Ottolenghi’s Nopi: Vibrant, Sophisticated and Clean Cuisine #FoodFriday I couldn’t wait to enjoy some cocktails, delicious food and girlie gossip to celebrate the end of exams and the start of summer; but, as always, I was apprehensive about eating out with my food intolerances – after…
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No Sesame!

By Ron Antoniou
“An allergy is an adverse reaction that the body has to a particular food or substance in the environment”  NHS The awareness of allergens has increased drastically over the years. Back in the eighties my doctor didn’t have quite a clear understanding of the effects of…
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Tolerating Intolerances

By Kafoodle
Being a student, on a budget and having to cook for yourself is daunting; being a student on a budget with food intolerances is even more daunting. Having now survived two years at university with gluten and dairy intolerances and not having to resort to busking…
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Avoiding Nickel

By Christy Cushing
I have a nickel food allergy. Dealing with severe eczema all over my face, neck and arms led me to visit a dermatologist in 2009, who performed a skin patch allergy test. The test identified a nickel allergy and my dermatologist recommended I try going on…
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Hungry? Kafoodle it

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Whether you have a food intolerance, are hungry for a nutritionally sound meal or just fancy a feast, Kafoodle will help you find it. Whatever your dietary requirements, the Kafoodle app finds restaurants, menus and meals that satisfy your appetite. Information about the food comes directly from the kitchen and straight into your hungry hands. So tap, discover and indulge.

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Scrutinizing Sugar

19th February 2016
Sugars are simple carbohydrates (see our previous post on carbs to refresh your memory) and occur naturally in milk, fruit and vegetables. These are sometimes referred to as ‘intrinsic sugars’ as they exist in the… read more
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Kafoodle in the News

Free-From Heaven

18th July 2016
Free-From Heaven is a UK magazine series dedicated to free-from cooking and baking. Each issue features inspiring seasonal recipes, plus essential advice, interviews with the experts, competitions and the latest product news. “Imagine how daunting a… read more

Access All Areas – Foodstock Festival

15th July 2016
Access All Areas, the voice of the event industry, write about Foodstock and Kafoodle and their launch of the UK’s first allergen-friendly food festival to be held in Battersea Park, London. Read the full… read more
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Food Allergy Awareness
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Great British Entrepreneur Awards
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Product Excellence Award
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