Customer Stories

No Sesame!

Ron Antoniou
“An allergy is an adverse reaction that the body has to a particular food or substance in the environment”  NHS The awareness of allergens has increased drastically over the years. Back in the eighties my doctor…
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Tolerating Intolerances

Being a student, on a budget and having to cook for yourself is daunting; being a student on a budget with food intolerances is even more daunting. Having now survived two years at university with gluten…
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Avoiding Nickel

Christy Cushing
I have a nickel food allergy. Dealing with severe eczema all over my face, neck and arms led me to visit a dermatologist in 2009, who performed a skin patch allergy test. The test identified a…
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Our Awards

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards<br />
Silver Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Silver Winner | 2015

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Finalist | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Finalist | 2016